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Jan 26, 2022

Carrie is joined by Red5Security CEO Kris Coleman this week as they go over how easy it is for someone to find your personal information online. They discuss topics such as how this information gets out there, and who’s collecting it. They also talk about if you can remove what’s already out there, and things you can do to limit how much data is collected on you.

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How your information is collected, even if you’re not the one putting it out there
  • Where it’s collected and why
  • If removing the information out there is possible
  • Tips for limiting your own exposure

Link to Red5Security’s website

BIO: Mr. Kris Coleman

Mr. Kris Coleman founded Red Five Security in 2004 to provide world class, state of the art security and protective intelligence services. Mr. Coleman continues to use his knowledge, experience, and integrity to grow Red Five into a multi-faceted company focused on bespoke security solutions for unique clientele.

Working in both the private and public sectors throughout his 20+ year career, he has served with the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and as a former Principal with Good Harbor Consulting. Mr. Coleman’s depth and range of experiences allows the Red Five team to specialize in high quality, proactive, and discreet security services. He has built a unique capability in Red Five to support clients with tailored low-profile security operations, analysis, training, and program and system design.

A distinctive portion of Mr. Coleman’s work in the private sector includes the complete assessment, design development, and installation of cutting-edge security programs for high-net-worth clients. Projects have included large residences in Florida, California and the Washington DC, area (some in excess of 45,000 square feet), commercial facilities with challenging security requirements, as well as unique sites overseas.


Be sure to check out episode 56, where Carrie interviews another employee of Red5, Special Agent Tom Whalen, as he breaks down FBI Operation Trojan Shield, which resulted in the infiltration of criminal organizations around the world.